L'EVIDENCE. 2014. Metal, phosphorescent painting. 9m x 4,50m x 3,50m

25 Feb 2015
Here - Obscene slingshot? - Anthropocentrism is not an obligation and expression is not cosmetic. Here, the objective is to support a fire against what seems to block the perpetuation of life. Primarily this would not to conceive humanity as an incurable disease of living matter. I try to invent an animal art, by secreting artworks converging towards acceptance of animality in its deployment locations, including consciousness itself. In Situ artworks usually miss the awareness of the links between biological systems and cultural processes. Dazzled by the symbiosis phenomenon, I would reach this point of association between these organisms that cannot live without each other, each benefiting from this association. My narrow unions invite you to the exploration of our intimate relationships with living matter, and would like to massage both body and mind. Thomas Monin. Photos : Horizons, Art Nature en Sancy