Petite galerie de l'involution

Small gallery of involution is a metal rack upon which large jars on four floors (dimensions jars: height 28 cm x width 15 cm ). Some jars are filled with a golden yellow substance that turns out to be honey, as well as light-diffracting objects: glass reproductions of large diamonds dipped in this honey. The light penetrates inside the jars, where honey freezes around the diamonds. On the side of the jar, engraved with the Latin name of an extinct species, directly or indirectly, because of human activities. Other jars are filled with a black and viscous liquid (engine drain oil). Engraved on them, the name of an industrial chemical, which for most of us, is unknown, but yet we are intimately linked: they are some of the names of these Many toxic substances that lodge, unbeknownst to us, in our Western ways of body (which could be a cause of the 63% increase of cancer in France between 1978 and 2000).