dordonha viperinae

Installation presented as part of the Horizons Love Nature Arts, Mont-Dore. From June 26 to September 19, 2010

The following text has been the subject of several attempts at censorship by the person who was in charge of the organization of the exhibition Horizons Love Nature Arts in 2010.

Dordonha Viperinae is a great viper, completely covered with slate. Of his mouth seems to escape the Dordogne. Does it remind you of anything? The Coulobre! This gigantic dragon, emblematic of the Dordogne, which terrorized the inhabitants of the valley. We thought it was gone, but now the beast back in the guise of a viper! ... Dordogne born two kilometers upstream under the Sancy, in the heart of the ski area. While the Mont-Dore has its history sources, wedged between a chair-lift, the source of the Dordogne seems to annoy. It escapes in extremis burial, before disappearing under the tracks and reappear a little further ... This is the cause of the anger of the monster: the skier slides on some secrets of his origins. The source of that which carted Neolithic boats, the flints, wet slip of cave paintings, now seems irrelevant ... Dispelling myths, we lose the enchantments that accompanied our lives. If tourism benefits local economies, its growth is often accompanied by amnesia and loss of consciousness natural rhythms. We call "environment" these subject areas, but this term does not he reports to a toxic anthropocentrism? The nature we she surrounds, she exists to make us worth? Our children will enjoy ... Some superstitions die hard skin always, we decimate these so-called demonic beings, we chill the blood and some species are now threatened. In reality, the Viper is fairly dangerous to humans: one to three deaths recorded annually. The caduceus is it not yet the emblem of the medical profession? The venom is it not used in the preparation of certain drugs? In many societies, the snake is a wonderful companion. Egyptian antiquity, for example, represented the viper still absorbing the soul of the deceased by the tail and expelled through the mouth towards the resurgent life ... Like Lascaux II, so here Dordogne II, or rather Dordonha Viperinae monstrous facsimile of a wealth denatured. This large viper poison against poison, beg his way out of the river. That approaches, will realize that it is only a molt. However, the hiker beware venom appearances, because in the summer, it is said that the beast likes to bask on the rocks of Sancy ...